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Last week my professor told us rising seniors that this summer was going to be critical in getting ready to apply for internships in the fall. She gave us the website and told us to start looking for ones with emphases that appeal to us. So today during one of my classes I decided to take a look and HOLY COW so many decisions that I have to make

such as…

Do I want to choose a placement that offers graduate credits? or better yet…do I want to go to grad school?

Would I rather focus on Medical Nutrition Therapy? or Wellness? or Community Nutrition? or Private Practice?

Do I want to go back and live at home or try to stay where I am now? OR do I go somewhere completely new? 

It’s crazy how much rides on getting an internship I just want to make the right decision. Anyone who is in my position or who has been in my position recently is more than welcome to try & calm my nerves 

Any fellow dietetics majors out there?

3REBLOGguys, i love my friends. guys, i love my friends. guys, i love my friends. guys, i love my friends. 


this is unreal. im gonna miss her so fucking much



& ill be home.

the life of a college student.